Why Engage?

Engage is a sophisticated online marketing platform that’s refreshingly simple to use. It cleverly utilises your company’s data to create customised digital communications, resulting in more meaningful customer relationships.

Whether your goal is to acquire or retain customers, generate leads and increase sales or grow a base of loyal brand advocates, we can assist you to translate your strategic objectives into tactical online activities that will deliver real, measurable results.

We’re based right here in New Zealand so you can pick up the phone and talk to a real person anytime. You could even try giving us a call right now.

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Want to be fully Engaged?

You can drive Engage yourself, or one of our digital marketing specialists can take care of everything for you.

Webinar Replay: Digital Marketing Trends, Going into 2014 & Beyond

Matt Westerman, resident Digital Engagement Specialist here at Ubiquity has dived deep into the research and come back with the three big digital marketing trends of 2013 and beyond.

Westerman and co-presenter Nathalie Morris share how both marketers and data researchers from Amazon, Target and McDonalds are tapping into these trends and how you can apply the same thinking to the New Zealand market.

NZ Clients talk about Ubiquity

NZ Clients talk about Ubiquity NZ Clients talk about Ubiquity

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